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Top Question and Answers for the Circulatory Spending Model

Circulatory Spending IdeasI know a lot of people will have lots of questions about Circulatory Spending and you want answers now. So here are a list of answers that will be growing over time to help you understand what Circulatory Spending is and how it can benefit you in the long run.

Question and Answers for Retirement Portion

Q1. What is an Employer?
A1. An employer can be the person who owns the company or married couple that owns and operates the company or a person who has controlling interest in the company. A corporation is also considered an employer that hires employees. Governments will also be considered and employer.

Q2. What is an employee?
A2. An employee is someone that was hired by an employer to perform a duty for the company and gets a regular check for services rendered.

Q3. Is it fair for all governments to have the same tax?
A3. Yes, the universal tax will make it much easier for businesses to operate in the USA and allow local governments look at other taxes and fees they have and maybe lower or even eliminate taxes the effect the poor more than the rich.

Q4. Since employees are having their tax returned to them by the employer through their personal account is there a tax return for Employers?
A4. Sort of, the employer is getting all of their taxes, retirement and healthcare oblications condensed down to one universal tax that will never go up and they will see an increase in sales as people withdraw the money and spend it in their communities. Their tax return is going to be in the form of an economy that is under a continues stimulus created by the people. Plus the employer can make withdraws from their account as well.

Q5. If a person use up all of their 25 withdraws before age 65 do they get more?
A5. No, but you will still have your insurance deducted from your account. Please get other investments set up outside the system so you can withdraw from those investments as well so you do not end up using all your withdraws up too soon.

Q6. Can you make withdraws after age 65?
A6. No, your money will be coverted into a steady monthly payment once you hit 65.

Q7. Will there still be welfare available?
A7. Welfare, over time, will be reduced to only help homeless children and people who are severely disabled. Welfare will be more about helping others find jobs and getting training for jobs.

Q8. Why can't the money the employer pays go to me directly and not into an account?
A8. There are lots of reasons. For starters, we do not ever want to raise this tax up on businesses so we need a way to increase the money and a bank will help with this. By getting rid of the Federal Reserve and replacing it with a bank we stop the printing of endless money and start investing real money making a profit for all. We also need to continue to pay people who are on the old Social Security program, Medicare and seniors on Medicaid plus make sure old pensions are being paid. Plus we need a bank to be the first payer for healthcare to reduce cost of insurance without any government subsidies. And at age 65 the money does go to you directly minus taxes.

Q9. How is Circulatory Spending better than Deficit Spending?
A9. Deficit Spending involves constantly borrowing money from who ever you can get it from creating dependency on future borrowing while Circulatory Spending takes the money we already have and efficiently circulate that money to grow the economy from within to increase the gross domestic product.

Q10. Can I have my spouse on my account like a regular bank account?
A10. No, only one person on any account since this is a tax based account.

Q11. Can I choose to leave the money left over in my account to someone else when I die?
A11. Yes, if you die before age 65 then the money will go to the heirs you put down minus an inheritance tax. If you die at age 65 and older then then monthly payments will continue to pay out to your private bank account until your account runs itself out of money. Who ever inherits your private bank account will get that money.

Q12. Why can't I withdraw whatever amount of money I want from my account?
A12. Because this is not a regular bank account. This is your social security for life as well as your own personal Medicare, welfare, HUD and more. This money is not your money. This is money you earned the right to use along side your check to manage you own life with without any government intrusion.

Q13. Will I get a new Social Security number?
A13. No! Your current Social Security number will become a bank like transfer number to keep track of your money.

Q14. Is it fair that millionaire employees end up paying such a small amount of taxes?
A14. Yes, since lower wage workers will end up getting all of their taxes paid back now it is only fair that millionaires get most of their taxes back too.

Q15. Can I get a cash withdraw?
A15. No, your money will go directly to your regular bank account only.
A16. Your money will be paid to your private bank account until it runs out of money in 660 months. If you move out of the country then you need to make sure you make arrangements with the URHB to have yor money go to the proper bank in the country you move to.

Q17. What happens to my monthly payments when I die?
A17. Once you start collecting monthly payments at age 65 they will continue to pay out until your account runs out of money. Who ever inherits your private bank account when you die will continue to get that money. This will at as a back door living wage for future generations.

Q18. Do any of the rules change for the old Social Security when payments are delivered from the URHB?
A18. Yes, When you get a monthly payment at age 65 you will need to check in once a year to a URHB bank branch in your city to confirm that you are still alive so payments will continue without pause.

Q19. Is there a lump sum option available at age 65?
A19. No, monthly payments only. Your withdraws are your lump sum payments so use some of them just before you turn age 65 so you can have plenty of cash and a monthly payment.

Q20. Can the federal government borrow money from the URHB?
A20. No! The federal government will be banned from borrowing money from the URHB since there will never be another stimulus issued under circulatory spending.

Q21. Do I have to explain why I need to make a withdraw from my account?
A21. No, your withdraws are your own personal business and you will never have to make up any reason why you need the money.

Q22. Are my 3 emergency withdraws additional withdraws?
A22. No, they allow you to make a second withdraw within the same year to deal with any issue you may have during that time. You get a maximum of 25 withdraws total.

Q23. Will there be enough URHB branches to help everyone?
A23. Yes, your social security and or Medicare offices will become a branch and if there are more convenient locations needed we could always rent space from local post offices.


Question and Answers for Healthcare portion

Q1. How is healthcare life insurance different from health insurance?
A1. Healthcare life insurance is healthcare financing that you can use at any doctor or hospital you choose without the need of networks and worries about what it covers or deductables or co-pays. Insurance companies will not be responsible for telling you what is covers. The bank will handle that. Insurance companies will reimburse the bank what you spent on healthcare when you die.

Q2. Who can be on my healthcare account?
A2. Anyone you choose. It is kind of like a shared program where you select how much coverage you want then everybody in your family shares that amount up to what you have purchased.

Q3. Will people with preconditions be accepted?
A3. Yes, but there is a waiting period similar to what you would get in a regular health insurance policy so people do not wait until they get hurt or sick to then sign up. Your policy will not be retroactive either.

Q4. How can I sign up?
A4. You will go to your URHB in your area and select the amount of healthcare coverage you want then through the exchanges you will be quoted a cost for a certain amount of healthcare life insurance. If you except their cost then you would have the cost deducted from your account. Then the URHB will grant you credit for the amount you selected after the waiting period of 2 months is over.

Q5. Can I get more coverage later if I buy a small amount now?
A5. Yes, but that will be up to the insurance company not the URHB so pick wisely the amount you start with. Plus there could be policies that grow with you as you get older set up.

Q6. Can an insurance company drop me and leave me to pay the bill?
A6. No, when a person gets a healthcare life insurance policy the insurance company is not only making a deal with you but with the URHB as well. Since the URHB is the first payer they must honor their agreement to pay up.

Q7. Can I cancel my healthcare life insurance if I changed my mind?
A7. You can only if you do not have a balance to pay off first. If you would like to pay off what you have used yourself then an arrangment can be made to do this by either you paying off by having it all deducted from your account or you pay from your own source of money. Once it is paid off with the same interest that the insurance company would have to pay then you could cancel.

Q8. How would I use my healthcare credit?
A8. You would be given a card that you would use that let's the bank know where you got treatment from and how much it cost. Then you turn in your bill to have it confirmed by the bank then the URHB pays the bill. Then you overall amount of credit would go down accordingly.

Q9. Why is the punishment so high for people who get caught trying to game the system.
A9. Because we need to discourage people from turning this into some sort of cash machine and the best way to do it is to let people know up front the harsh punishment they will face for ripping off both the people and the insurance companies.

Q10. Where can I use my healthcare credit.
A10. You can use you healthcare credit any where in America at any doctor or hospital, dentist, eye doctor plus any other healthcare related service that is covered under the Affordable Care Act. No more need for networks since all will be paid money once your heathcare credit is approved.

Q11. Can a person be on multiple accounts?
A11. Yes. An example would be parents who do not live together who have a child covered on each other's account.

Q12. Can I get a healthcare life insurance policy from anybody I choose?
A12. Do not be fooled by anybody who has an ad up selling cheap healthcare life insurance policies. The URHB will have a list of approved insurance companies you can select from to insure that they are legitimate.

Q13. Can I just pay for my Healthcare life insurance myself without it being deducted from my account?
A13. No, all payments must be deducted from your account to insure that your policy is up to date and not being canceled leaving the bank to eat the bill or the money will be deducted from your account.

Q14. Will services like abortions be covered?
A14. That depends on your insurance company. You can always make a withdraw from your account if you need money to cover that cost.

Q15. Can I still use my account to pay a hospital bill if I already used a withdraw that year and I don't have a healthcare life insurance policy?
A15. Yes, all you do is turn in your hospital bill and the URHB will pay the bill and then deduct it from your account. Plus do not forget you have 3 emergency withdraws you can use.

Q16. Is there a limit per year of credit I can use?
A16. No, your credit is simply determined by the amount of your healthcare life insurance policy until it runs out.

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