Our Plan for

More American Jobs Under Circulatory Spending

Circulatory Spending IdeasCirculatory Spending will help bring back more american jobs. Sense businesses in America will have just one tax to pay America will become easier and more affordable to conduct business. With the money that corporations will save jobs can be brought back to the USA without sacrificing wages. See all the advantages that companies will have under this new model.

Corporations have a lot to deal with in America. Taxes that can change at any minute, unions threating strike for more benefits, dealing with ever rising cost of healthcare, trying to maintain pensions for workers, taxes that change from city to city or state to state. Why do we make things so complicated in the USA for businesses. All these things and more are a thing of the past with Circulatory Spending. Just one tax takes care of everything so companies can focus on doing what they do best, run their business and pay their employees. That is all that a company needs to be doing.

With the rising cost to do business over sees having one stable tax that covers all of a companies taxes, retirement and healthcare needs will encourage more businesses to bring jobs back to the USA. This one tax is a retirement plan that carries zero unfunded liabilities and a healthcare plan without all of those Affordable Care Act obligations and regulations to deal with anymore. Plus when you factor in things like no taxes on profits, no taxes on interest generated in any business or corporate bank account, lower minimum wage and lower taxes on capital gains and dividends since it is not being taxes twice a company can bring back their overseas profits to America and hopely use that money to generate more jobs and investment here at home.

Think about how fast a company will be doing it's taxes. If you already know how to pay the payroll tax then that would all you need to do. The same time a company is paying their employees they would be paying taxes by just adding money based on the new scale to the employee personal URHB account. The time a business owner would save alone on doing taxes would be a bonus in itself but the cost to get your taxes done would drop dramatically saving corporations even more money. All you would need is a simple software to keep track of payments and then send a copy once every quarter to verify your payments to the URHB. This will make it much easier to spread jobs all across America without having to deal with any other taxes.

Companies will also see continued sales and services rendered under Circulatory Spending model. Since every employee in everyones business is a potential customer for your business people will make withdraws from their account and spend that money back into their community. This means that the people will be constantly stimulating the economy making it a more favorable envirement to do business. As sales grow businesses will hire more and that leads to more people making money and more money being released back into the community for continued growth. That is the power of Circulatory Spending.

The mortgage industry will see big gains in not just borrowing for homes but loans being paid back fueling a boom never seen before. Since people will have the ability to make a withdraw from their account to put down a much bigger down payment for a home that means that monthly payments will be much more affordable. Plus as their account continues to build money they will be in better position to pay off their mortgage with another withdraw later. That means more jobs in building new homes as well as selling and decorating and so on. Remodeling will also see a huge jump as people start to modernize their own homes. But to really create the jobs we need we have to start pushing America into the twenty-second century with new state of the art homes that are way more arrow dynamic, energy efficient and fire resistant saving people money on their home owner's insurance and energy bill so they can have more money in the future to spend, invest and save.

The travel and vacation industry will see new growth as never before. A lot of people have had to limit their vacation options sense they did not have the discretionary spending to take the vacation they wanted. With their own account they can draw from the travel industry will see a surge in hotel reservations, airline tickets, vacation home renting, cruises, and more. More people can finally see the world and take that dream vacation they always wanted and while they are doing that they will be spending more in restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, taking in shows and everything else you would do while on vacation. That means more jobs will be needed in these fields.

The automotive industry will come alive like the good old days. People will be able to update their cars and trucks fueling a need for more factory workers to keep up with demand. Cities like Detroit could make a huge comeback as the nations leader in this field. More factories reopening will lead to more companies that market to the workers like restaurants, bars, and other shopping retails setting up shop to cater to their needs. Plus small factories that support the auto industry will began to hire more workers to keep up with parts.

If that is not enough then factor in the fact that the business owner also get's an account with a guaranteed interest of at least 6% and withdraws and all of their money that was paid into Social Security and Medicare in their account to use how they please. They only need to put a little as 15% into their account for retirement but they can always put more in up to 20% to build up a higher monthly payment. With the interest a business owner can add money to their account then later on make a withdraw to grow their business hopely creating even more jobs down the road.

No other system in the world has the power to transform an economy and invite business and inspire entrepreneurship like Circulatory Spending. All we need to do is have the courage to make such a leap from Deficit Spending and America's future both for employers and employees will never be brighter.